EMC Testing Webinar-1

Webinar on "EMC Testing"

For decades, technology has played a vital role in revolutionizing human race. With the development in the technology in modern era there are more emphasis on electrical/ electronic tools to be handier and higher powered than ever.  Hence, there is growing need to have product compliant for EMI/EMC. Designing a product that meets EMC testing requirements takes planning and forethought. In that way, you can identify EMC-related issues early on and design your device to address those issues.

To know more about EMC Testing kindly register for this Live Webinar which going to be held on 23rd July 2021 from 4:30PM to 5:30PM (IST). 

Its absolutely free of cost !!

Topics covered :

  1. EMC Testing fundamentals 
  2. Compliance Requirements
  3. Updates & NEWS

Q & A session :

Due to time constraints we cannot guarantee that all your questions will be answered after the webinar. Hence if we are unable to answer during / after the webinar , we promise you to solve your queries through email later.

Faculty :

Sanjay Khemnar

Mr. Sanjay Khemnar

Laboratory Manager - EMC


Total Experience : 20+ years